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Why am I here?

The idea of creating a blog isn’t new to me. During my four years of undergrad and the first year of graduate school, I kept a blog active but private. Every few months I posted about how school was going, how I was handling life and friends and schoolwork, and how my mental health was faring. It was more diary than blog, and I kept it private to avoid letting people I knew read it. It is a relic of more carefree times when the most important things were grades and teaching and my social life.

But this blog will not be discussing schoolwork (mostly because I have long since graduated). The reason I want to make this blog is to discuss something that has taken me a long time to feel comfortable talking about: mental health. As a child with OCD, I told myself that when I grew up I wouldn’t be silent about my experiences. That was my way of finding some reason behind all the rituals and compulsions. In my creative nonfiction work I have written extensively about mental illness and recovery, and now that I am in a good place, I feel comfortable speaking more publicly and consistently about it.

Besides regular posts, I will also be sharing my creative works. I write creative nonfiction and poetry, though poetry is more of a hobby. I want this blog to be a place to discuss topics that we often shy away from discussing. I want to explore my recovery and the hardships associated with recovering from any mental illness. I want to share my thoughts, not because I am an expert, but because I am constantly learning and growing.


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